Complimentary Concept Consultation

Blandford Cosmetic Clinic will ensure that your Permanent Makeup procedure meets your every expectation by offering a Complimentary Concept Consultation to all new and existing clients inquiring about new treatments. Our aesthetic practitioner will discuss your Permanent Makeup requirements with you in detail, explaining the various techniques and advising on achievable results. Her warm and approachable manner will instantly put you at ease, and should you elect to go ahead with a procedure, she will make the necessary bookings, check your medical history and offer you some pre-read literature.

Welcome to the World of Permanent Makeup

Once you have decided to proceed with your Permanent Makeup enhancement, the hard part is over! You can be sure that our aesthetic practitioner will take the best possible care to ensure that your entire Permanent Makeup experience is one of professionalism, comfort and assurance. Ultimately she will ensure that you receive a first class enhancement which will give you years of satisfaction!

Permanent Makeup Consultation

The day of your Permanent Makeup treatment will start with a consultation with our aesthetic practitioner where she will carefully analyse your features and colouring, and review your requirements and expectations. She will test suitable colours on your skin and draw on your enhancement using conventional cosmetics. Together you will fine-tune all aspects of the colour and shape, and only when both you and Ivanka are fully satisfied with the ‘template’, will she proceed with the Permanent Makeup procedure.

The Permanent Makeup Procedure

High grade topical numbing agents are applied to the procedure area beforehand, and continually applied throughout the treatment keeping you completely comfortable for the entire duration. Hypo-allergenic pharmaceutical grade micro-pigments are then carefully implanted into the dermal layer of the skin following the agreed pre-drawn ‘template’, ensuring that the Permanent Makeup finished result is perfect and fully meets your expectations as well our aesthetic practitioner’s exceptionally high standards. The procedure usually takes around two hours.

Permanent Makeup Post Procedure

Immediately following the Permanent Makeup procedure the enhancement may display mild redness and occasionally a slight localised swelling. This usually subsides within 24 hours, and should not hinder most normal day-to-day activities. The colour will also appear substantially more intense – about 30-50% brighter or darker than desired, but this will lighten and soften as the skin heals, usually within 6-10 days. It generally takes between three and four weeks for the final color to ‘bloom’ and settle, and it is only at this stage that the true color of your Permanent Makeup procedure can be fully assessed and appreciated.

Permanent Makeup Procedure Aftercare

Following your Permanent Makeup procedure, you will receive written instructions for the aftercare of your specific enhancement, as well as complimentary aftercare products to help you care for your enhancement at home.

The treatment area should be kept clean and moisturised with a thin film of the recommended cream to assist the healing process. It is recommended that make-up to the site be avoided for a day or two while the skin heals. Any tiny scabs that may form should not be scratched off as this may dislodge pigment before the skin has had time to heal.

Permanent Makeup ‘Perfecting’ Session

Permanent Makeup is a two-step process. A Complimentary ‘Perfecting’ or ‘Retouch’ Session is given as a matter of course, and should be taken between 6 and 8 weeks after the first procedure. This is when any minor adjustments to colour or shape as initially undertaken will be made, and any imperfections corrected ensuring that your enhancement result is nothing short of perfect. A Colour Boost is recommended 12 – 18 months post procedure to keep your Permanent Makeup enhancement looking fresh and beautiful!